Team Building

Team Building

At Rhinefield House we feature a number of Team Building activities. We are more than happy to tailor packages to suit your requirements and budgets.


The majority of activities are held onsite on our 5 acre events field.


Outdoor Options

Country Sports – from £80 per person + VAT

Experience the great outdoors with a variety of exhilarating country sports activities Including Archery, Laser Clay Shooting, Segway Racing and Quad Bikes.

Crystal Challenge  - from £70 per person + VAT

Paying tribute to the famous Crystal Maze, the Crystal Challenge allows your team to complete a unique teambuilding experience featuring physical, skill and cerebral activities. 

Hidden Quest Treasure Hunt – from £70 per person + VAT

The Hidden Quest Treasure Trail takes participants on a cryptic, interactive journey into the hidden nooks and crannies of your selected location. Teams must follow the clues, collect items from a Scavenger List and with the cameras they will have to take some creative team shots in order to gain extra points.

RIB Treasure Hunt – from £125 per person + VAT

Our action packed Rib Treasure Hunt rolls several events into one.  It combines the buzz of flying across the Solent at speeds of up to 50mph, whilst experiencing the maneuverability of these breathtaking craft at high speed and completing an intriguing treasure hunt along the way!

Luxury Sailing Experience – from £225 per person + VAT

We sail a fleet of stunning luxury 40’ - 54’ Yachts. These are prestigious boats, custom built for sheer indulgence and comfort - ideal for providing hospitality to our clients. The Yachts are fully crewed with skipper and hostess, and guests are welcome to take part in the sailing or settle back and enjoy the cruise.

Indoor Options

Da Vinci Designs – from £70 per person + VAT

Da Vinci’s design is a truly creative challenge which draws on your team’s communication skills to create a work of art. Little do they know, everyone is working in unison in order to see the bigger picture.

Chocolate Making – from £65 per person + VAT

Time to enter the Dragons Den. This is your chance to design, create and market your own handmade box of chocolates. Chocolates are judged on a variety of categories including: presentation, sales pitch and market appeal.

Sushi Making – from £70 per person + VAT

An introduction to sushi through Team Building gives you the opportunity to learn about the ancient ritual art of the Sushi chef and the origins of what we know today as Sushi – it’s much more than raw fish and sour rice! Teams will have to create a selection of Sushi through the guidance of the chef before being judged on taste and presentation.

Together We Can – from £70 per person + VAT

‘Together we can’ is a truly unique experience which unites teams of any size towards one common goal rather than competing against each other. The group will complete four projects throughout the event, activities include making a movie, creating an artistic masterpiece, building a rollercoaster and completing a treasure hunt.

F1 Challenge – from £70 per person + VAT

Forget about Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull, this is about you and your team, your challenge is to create your own F1 team. You will have to design your team logo and name, brand your team overalls and hats, come up with sponsors and ultimately build your very own F1 car.



To book a show round and receive a £50 voucher which can be redeemed at Rhinefield House Hotel please contact Mandy Walker on 01590 625615 or email




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