Outdoor Activities near Priest House

Outdoor Activities near Priest House

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Enjoy some of the wonderful outdoor activities around Priest House, such as the Rosliston Forestry Centre, where you can get to grips with orienteering, archery and many more action packed activities!


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Peak Activities


Peak Activities offer a range of superb walking tours, which take you along some of the best walking trails in the country. On all tours, you will travel along carefully planned routes taking you through the Peak District’s most pleasant and spectacular scenery only accessible on foot.


Rosliston Forestry Centre


Discover Rosliston Forestry Centre, from quiet walks to action-packed family fun, uncover nature at its best. Enjoy the woodland’s tranquil peace or experience exhilarating outdoor activities, many of them free. Share a family day out. Match your mood and reflect the seasons.

Rosliston’s mix of woodland and meadow, ponds and play areas offer the perfect playground for visitors of all ages, all year round. Spot the wildlife, join a guided walk, take advantage of a packed programme of events.

Harness up and live life on the edge with our mobile climbing wall or join our experts and learn how to orienteer before tackling a real woodland course. You can even test your skills and try your hand at archery! Whatever you do, bring woodland magic alive at Rosliston.


Heights of Abraham


Open 10th February - 4th November 2012, from 10am - 4.30pm.

Since first opening its gates to visitors in 1780 the Heights of Abraham has remained one of the Peak District's most popular destinations. Visitors have travelled from all over the world to experience its unique blend of spectacular underground caverns, stunning views and acres of beautiful woodland. In recent times however, the Heights has become rightly famous for its landmark Cable Car system which was introduced in 1984 - the first of its kind in the whole of the British Isles.

Originally the Heights of Abraham was reached on foot and required visitors to scale the steep slopes of Masson Hill. Rising from the valley floor, the observation cars transport you in comfort and safety and allow stunning views of the Derwent Valley and surrounding Peak District. There is a choice of places to eat and drink, providing an array of mouth-watering goods to suit all tastes and budgets.




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