Á la Carte Menu

Á la Carte Menu

Sample menu

All dishes are individually priced



Pan fried scallop, scallop tartar, lemon ghocchi, smoked chicken consomme ~ £15.50

Roasted quail breast, slow cooked leg, fresh cherries, quail parfait, burnt apple puree ~ £14.95

Broccoli, Barkham Blue cheese, pickled carrots, French dressing (v) ~ £10.50

Malden sea salt and thyme baked peach, rosemary granita, peach jelly (v) ~ £10.50

Spiced monkfish, lemongrass, coconut and quinoa ~ £13.95



Blackcurrant, strawberry or rasberry sorbet


(Our beef is certified from UK only herds, a minimum of 2 years old and dry aged for 35 days)

Classic Chateaubriand of aged 'English rose beef', with triple cooked chips, field mushrooms, tomato, onion rings and bearnaise sauce ~ £70.00 for 2 to share

Breast of local Balcombe duck, slow cooked duck leg and spring onion terrine, summer vegetables, Grand Marnier sauce ~ £32.00

South coast fillet of wild turbot, flaked oxtail, samphire, salsify and clams, fish emulsion ~ £36.00

Local Sussex lamb, spinach, white onion puree, mini thyme fondant, fresh peas and mint jelly ~ £34.00

Classic risotto of wild Kent mushrooms, summer greens and smoked garlic, with freshly shaved summer truffles and cepe puree (v) ~ £22.50



Triple cooked hand cut chips with red wine sea salt ~ £5.95

Truffle mashed potatoes ~ £5.75

Panache of green vegetables ~ £5.75

Creamed cabbage, garlic and bacon ~ £5.75

Nutfield salad, house dressing ~ £5.75



Lemon posset, mandarin jelly, citrus water ice ~ £10.50

White chocolate and heather honey mousse, cardamom espuma, chocolate truffle biscuits ~ £10.50

Whipped vanilla cream cheese, raspberry snow, almond cruch, macerated strawberries ~ £10.50

Valhrona milk chocolate creme, pecan praline, apricot sorbet, dark choclolate glaze ~ £10.50

Local Tornegus, Barkham Blue, Berkswell and Mrs Kirkham Cheddar cheeses, celery, grapes, fruit chutney and walnut bread ~ £13.50

£4.95 for coffee and homemade petits fours

  • Please inform us of any allergies you may have
  • Please ask staff for more details
  • For the comfort of other guests we request that you refrain from using mobile phones in the restaurant
  • Our food is prepared in a kitchen where nuts and nut products are used




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