Norton House Hotel Health Club Edinburgh Facilities

Norton House Hotel Health Club Edinburgh Facilities

New and modern facilities

We are pleased to offer a range of excellent fitness, sport and relaxation facilities

We aim to provide Health Club members and guests with friendly and professional service. From the reception team through to our fitness consultants we are here to help you achieve your fitness goals and healthy lifestyle. Here is an overview of the facilities available at Norton House Health Club & Spa.

Health Club Features

Enjoy the following facilities:

  • Intimate and tranquil 18m deck level pool surouded by relaxation beds
  • Hydrotherapy Pool- Unwind and relax a tired body and mind as warm water jets gently massage you in complete harmony.
  • Experience Shower- Revive and invigorate your senses with atmospheric lighting and aromatic aromas as your body is purified by warm jets of water.
  • Traditional Sauna- The dry heat created by this experience has an easing and purifying effect on the body and its gentle lighting creates a serene and peaceful ambience.
  • Steam Room- This warm humid environment is accompanied by varying subtle essences which clear the senses and relieve the mind, whilst the stylish changing fibre optic lighting completes an atmospheric experience.
  • Fitness Gym- Using the very latest technically advanced equipment and techniques such as Power Plate® Acceleration Training™
    and Technogym® cardiovascular and resistance equipment, we can guide you to your own personal goals and targets. The unique ‘Wellness’ system works like your own personal trainer setting up and storing your personalised programme as well as recording your workout history all on your very own microchip fitness key.
    In addition to cutting edge equipment we offer personalised induction and training programmes from our focussed and friendly professional fitness team. We’ll make you feel fitter, healthier and happier.
  • Group Exercise Studio- We offer an extensive and varied range of classes to suit all ages, abilities and fitness levels. In the true spirit of total wellbeing our classes are for both body and mind and consist of the traditional as well as the more spiritual
    inspired by far eastern culture

A brief overview of our health club facilities:
Fitness gym, training programmes and group exercise

Get fit and healthy whilst having fun

The gym is equipped with the very latest cardio-vascular and resistance machines, each with its own entertainment system. The gym is fully climate controlled to create the ideal temperature and ensure sufficient oxygen is available providing the ideal environment in which to exercise.

The highly qualified and friendly fitness instructors offer a wide range of services, including short motivation sessions and one to one personalised training to help you achieve your personal goals.

Group exercise classes

We offer an extensive selection of classes with restricted numbers to ensure personal attention at all times. Browse our selection of classes online and check with reception for the most current timetable and to book your place

Hydrotherapy, swimming pool and steam rooms

Relax after your workout

The perfect way to detoxify and relax after your workout. Saunas produce a dry heat that draws moisture out of the body and feels much hotter than a steam room. A steam room produces wet humid heat. Hydrotherapy pools produce jets of warm water that massage and relax tired bodies.

Health, beauty and spa

Escape to a haven of relaxation

From indulgent face, body and day spa experiences to simple services like manicures and waxing, there is something for everyone. The Spa is a calming space for both men and women to relax and escape the pressures of everyday life.



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