The Terrace Brasserie Menu

The Terrace Brasserie Menu

Soups                                                                                      £6.00

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup (V)
Wild mushroom ravioli and truffle oil

Creamed Parsnip Soup (V)
Spiced onion fritters, apple and coriander

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup (V)
Garlic and thyme crouton

Starters                                                                                    £9.00

Salted Cod
Clam, sweet corn and potato chowder, white onion purée, smoked bacon

Potted Ham Hock
Confit cherry tomatoes, grain mustard mayonnaise, quail egg and brioche soldiers

Organic Beetroot Risotto (V)
Horseradish  crème fraîche , celery salad

Black Pudding Salad
Hen’s egg, candied walnuts, apple and sauté potato

Trio of Melon (V)
Compressed water melon, lime and vanilla cantaloupe, fresh honeydew, plum compote and citrus sorbet

Duck “Roll”
Date purée, pomegranate molasses and fine fettle

Beetroot Marinated Gravadlax
Celeriac rémoulade

Roasted Chicken and Almond Terrine
Truffle mascarpone and wild mushroom dressing

From the Grill                                                                      £28.00 

8oz Sirloin Steak                                                                   

8oz Rib-eye Steak                                                                 

Choose a side dish and one of the following sauces:
Béarnaise, hollandaise, peppercorn or red wine and shallot jus

Side Orders                                                                           £4.00

Chunky Chips
Garlic mayonnaise

Green Beans
Confit shallots

Beer Battered Onion Rings

New Hall Salad

Cumin Roasted Carrots

Main Courses                                                                        £20.00

Ballotine of Chicken
Basil mousse, linguine pasta, parmesan and bacon cream, baked plum tomato  

Braised Blade of Herefordshire Beef
Sweet garlic creamed potatoes, honey glazed carrots, buttered kale, wild mushroom and brandy ragoût

Black Olive Crusted Sea Bream
Sun blushed tomatoes and parmesan polenta, creamed spinach, roasted red pepper and tomato butter sauce

Potato and Sage Gnocchi (V)
Sprouting broccoli, roasted butternut squash

Stilton and Leek Pithivier (V)
Spice poached pear and walnut salad, walnut oil and port reduction

Baked Cod Steak
Lyonnaise potato, chestnut mushroom, soya beans, roasted chicken jus

Gammon Pave
Celeriac, potato and apple rosti, caramelised pineapple, green peppercorn sauce

Sag Aloo (V)
Coriander Yoghurt, onion bhaji, chilli tomato chutney, cucumber salad

Wild Mushroom Tart  (V)
Spiced roasted root vegetables, parsnip purée, kale

All vegetarian main courses come with a choice of two side orders
V – Denotes Vegetarian Dish

Desserts                                                                                £8.50

Plum Pudding Parfait
Earl grey jelly, poached prunes, crispy filo

Apple and Blackberry Crumble
Nutmeg custard, vanilla bean ice cream

Passion Fruit Mousse
Fresh mango, basil sorbet , coconut macaroons

Coffee jelly, Amaretto biscuits

Classic Crème Brulée
Blackcurrant sorbet, shortbread biscuit

Dark Chocolate Tart
Caramelised banana, hazelnut praline, toffee sauce

Pear Tarte au Fine
Ruby Port ice cream, port reduction

Chef’s Selection of British and Continental Cheeses
Crackers, fruit chutney, celery and grapes







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