Cultural and heritage sites to visit, during your stay at New Hall

Cultural and heritage sites to visit, during your stay at New Hall

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There are plenty of cultural and heritage sites for you to enjoy, on your visit at New Hall Hotel & Spa!


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Aston Hall

Open Friday 2nd April 2010 - Sunday 31st October 2010.

Home to the Holte family, Aston Hall is one of Birmingham's most treasured buildings. Redisplayed as part of the development project, Aston Hall boasts sumptious interiors from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, including the magnificent Long Gallery.

Display rooms illustrate the part Aston Hall and it's residents played in key moments in history, including the English Civil War, and how it prepared to recieve royalty on more than one occasion.

The acclaimed Astonish Gallery in the newly restored Stables Range take visitors on a journey through the Aston area. Astonish describes the history of Aston, its industries, sporting achievements and community changes through historic objects and hands on interactives.


Bullring Shopping Centre

Open all year round.

Bullring is the glamorous heart to Birmingham. Over 160 of the most imaginative and desirable shops for you to explore, including Selfridges and Debenhams. Also, there are more than 25 restaurants for you to revitalise yourself in.

Drawing on Birmingham’s historic street patterns, Bullring is composed of a series of traditional streets, squares and open spaces, which once again link New Street and High Street to St Martin’s Church, the open markets, Digbeth and beyond.

Museum of Jewellery Quarter

Winner of the Best Small Visitor Attraction in the Enjoy England Awards for Excellence 2010

Open Tuesday - Saturday all year only.

When the proprietors of the Smith & Pepper jewellery manufacturing firm decided to retire in 1981 they ceased trading and locked the door, unaware they would be leaving a time capsule for future generations. In the eighty years before its closure, little changed with the working practices or equipment used within the family-owned business. Even the décor had more in common with early 20th century trends, than a thriving business in the early 1980s.

Today the factory is a remarkable museum, which tells the story of the Jewellery Quarter and Birmingham’s renowned jewellery and metalworking heritage. There are live demonstrations of traditional jewellery-making skills and visitors can experience of what it was like to work in this noisy and busy workshop!


Weoley Castle


The ruins at Weoley Castle are over 700 years old and are the remains of the moated medieval manor house that once stood here. The site has been inhabited from the 12th century.

Today the site is a scheduled Ancient Monument of national importance, which means it is legally protected from future development or damage. The site has recently undergone a major consolidation and development project funded by Birmingham City Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund and English Heritage. This has allowed us to restore much of the fragile stonework and the building of a community classroom.

Weoley changed hands several times between 1485 and 1531 when it began to fall into disrepair. In the centuries that followed, stone from the castle was removed to build a nearby farm and the Dudley no.2 canal. The ruins can be viewed from a viewing platform. Direct access to the actual ruins is only available via one of our event days or for groups and schools by a pre-booked guided tour.



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