A Warm Welcome from our Executive Chef

A Warm Welcome from our Executive Chef

He's new to L'Horizon Hotel, but 29-year old Executive Head Chef Byron Hayter has been making waves in the local food world. After cheffing at boutique Silks Hotel and the acclaimed Stocks Hotel in Sark, food provenance is high on Byron's list of priorities.

"In the Channel Islands - and here right on the bay, it's all about food metres rather than food miles. Being able to cook with locally-caught and produced food of exceptional quality, that's what makes my job special.

I look forward to settling into Jersey where my food will match the captivating view of St Brelades bay.

See you dining soon."

- Byron Hayter  - Executive Chef

Chef Interview: Byron Hayter

Best time of the day? 6 am - waking up to the smell of fresh bread for breakfast.

Favourite flavour? Vanilla. Why? It's got a unique, adaptable flavour that matches and contrasts with so many things, which is why chefs are using it with everything from starters to main courses and desserts. 


Favourite food? Jersey Royal potatoes. When you're eating them in Jersey, fresh from the field, they're outstanding and completely different to everything else. 

Favourite smell? Freshly baked bread in the morning! We're preparing a whole range of different freshly baked breads for the hotel breakfast at L'Horizon, so the kitchens will be full of the smell of baking bread in the mornings. 

Favourite item of local produce? I'm looking forward to discovering all the wild food and hedgerow herbs Jersey has to offer, like watermint and wild garlic. Watermint sorbet is one of my favourites. Then in the late summer it'll be the sloes and blackberries.  

Favourite cooking method? Sous vide water bath.

How do you unwind? Spending time with my 16-month son and playing golf. Not at the same time though.

Ultimate food and wine pairing? It would have to be a fillet steak and a good Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Favourite food memory? The Fat Duck - by far my favourite food memory of all time. It was the most exciting cooking I've experienced in my life and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone as a one-off food experience, it's worth every single penny.

Favourite place in Jersey? I haven't been here very long but I have to say that this hotel is one of my favourite spots in the island. 

Your 'end of the shift' snack? Boiled egg and soldiers. I try and stay away from sweet things at the end of the night as it's a slippery slope - once I start, I can't stop!  

Which chef would you most like to share a kitchen with? Daniel Clifford at Midsummer House in Oxford. He's a very innovative chef and I think you'd learn a lot by spending a day in his kitchen.

What's new in the food world? Food is more exciting these days and people have more knowledge about what they're eating, thanks to programmes like the Great British Bake-off. It's a great time to be a chef.

What can people look out for on the menu at L'Horizon? It's going to be all about the food miles, using the best of Jersey's local produce and what's available to us to give people a real taste of Jersey.

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