Win a Wedding at L'Horizon Blog

Win a Wedding at L'Horizon

 Hannah (centre) pictured with her Mum and Martin Kelly, General Manager of L'Horizon


Wedding Blog

The lucky winners of our Win a Wedding at L'Horizon in association with the Jersey Evening Post Hannah Fearnley and Rory Gleave have now started to organise their wedding with us and have agreed to update us all on how their plans are coming about.

Posted 26th April 2010

We were in the middle of a fantastic holiday in South Africa when Rory proposed by a riverside. After getting over the shock, we called our families and shared our happy news and our intention to get married this year if possible. Two days later we received news of the L'Horizon competition and that we had a day to get in our entry form to win a reception for 50 people. So we sat on a beach the next morning and came up with a quirky caption that we hoped might catch the eye of the judges. We texted the caption to Hannah's Mum and she handed in the entry form for us. We spent another awesome week around Cape Town and made our way home on the Thursday night.
On the following Sunday Mum had planned for us to go to the L'Horizon wedding fayre, however Rory was working, so we made it a Bride and Mother of the Bride day out. As we walked around the stalls I was constantly asked when the big day was and what I had booked already? 

Mum and I had a giggle about how new all of this was to us, and I kept explaining that we had no plans yet and that although we wanted to get married this year it was probably out of reach because the summer is already approaching and we had no idea what we wanted for our special the day. Suddenly everyone gathered in the Crystal room and they announced that they were going to tell us all who had won the reception. As I watched on (day dreaming about cakes and dresses) I heard them say our names! I was as speechless as when Rory had got down on one knee.

The next 15 minutes are a blur as I was whipped up to the front of the room for champagne and taken outside for a photograph. I managed to get hold of Rory at work and screamed down the phone that we had won.. WE HAD WON!!! It was just like a dream, we could get married this summer in a gorgeous hotel right on the beach... FANTASTIC!

I was at work and received a call from a very excited fiancée. Hannah informed me that we had won the competition and I could not believe it. Unfortunately I couldn't leave work to join her, so Hannah had to do the photos, and celebrations with her Mum. I would like to thank the L'Horizon hotel for picking us to win and helping us to create what is going to be the best day of our lives.

Posted 15th June 2010

With three months to go we are getting round to booking a DJ and thinking about flowers. The bridesmaids have gorgeous summer dresses and Hannah's dress arrives in the island soon (fingers crossed!). Rory is sorting out his suit and also the ushers and even the mothers of the bride and groom have their outfits. Everything seems to be coming together with no dramas so far!  


The next installment will follow shortly...


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