Lounge Menu

Lounge Menu

Soups, Salads and Platters

(Available 10am-9.30pm)

Homemade Soup of the Day £7.25

Cold Meats Platter £15.75

Local or Artisan Cheese Platter £14.50

Hot Cajon Chicken Caesar Salad with Garlic Croutons
Light Bite £9.25
Main Course £15.50

Roast Pepper, Avocado and Goats' Cheese Salad (V

Light Bite £8.50
Main Course £12.95

* * * * *

Classic Main Courses

(Available 10am-9.30pm)

Local "Lighthorne" Lamb Sausage and Creamy Mash £12.95

Thick Cut Pan Fried Ham and Free Range Eggs £13.95  

Beef Stew and Horseradish Dumplings £15.75

Lamb Hot Pot £14.95

Timbale of Roast Cous Cous (V) £11.95

Risotto of Mushrooms and Garden Peas (V) £12.50

* * * * *

Side Dishes £3.95

Wholegrain Mustard Mash

Honey Roast Carrot and Parsnips

Hand Cut Chips

Seletion of Vegetables

Tossed Mixed Salad   

* * * * *

Desserts £8.00

(Available 10am-9.30pm)

Selection of Ice Cream and Sorbet

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

Worcestershire Pear and Almond Flan with Vanilla Ice Cream

A Selection of Local or Artisan Cheese and Biscuits

* * * * *

Freshly Prepared Sandwiches

A Double Decker Sandwich filled with your choice of any two fillings (items in bold print are available after 9.30pm):

Ham, Tuna, Chicken, Bacon, Brie, Cheddar, Stilton, Sundried Tomato, Sliced Tomato, Pesto, Onion Jam, Cream Cheese, Roquette, Iceberg, Mayonnaise, Pickle, Marie Rose and Mustard £8.50

Smoked Salmon*, Prawns & Marie Rose Sauce* £9.95

All Sandwiches are available on White, Wholemeal Bread or Ciabatta served with Kettle Chips and a Salad Garnish

* * * * *

Speciality Sandwiches

Steak, Red Onion and Stilton on Toasted Onion Bread £14.50

Smoked Chicken, Avocado and Rocket Wrap, Mango Mayonnaise £11.50

Roast Ham, Gruyere Cheese and Tomato Chutney on Toasted Honey and Sunflower Bread £9.95  

Ettington Park Classic Club Sandwiches

(Available 10am-9.30pm)

Classic Club with Grilled Bacon, Chicken, Boiled Egg, Tomato, Iceberg and Mayonnaise £12.95

Neptune Club with Tuna, Cucumber, Iceberg, Tomato and Mayonnaise £12.95

Vegetarian Club, Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables, Goats Cheese and Roquette £9.95

Club Sandwiches are available on White, Brown or Wholemeal Bread with Kettle Chips and a Salad Garnish

Homemade Chunky Chips can be added to your order for £3.95

* * * * *

Ettington Tea and Coffee Selection

Traditional Loose Leaf Teas/English Breakfast Darjeeling/Earl Grey/Assam

Fruit and Herbal Infusions
please ask your waiter for our selection

Davidoff rich roast decaffeinated

Speciality Coffee/Espresso Cappuccino/Latte Mocha/Americano
£3.95 served with Biscuits

* * * * *

Hot and Cold Beverages

Traditional Hot Chocolate £3.95
A mug of steaming drinking chocolate made with semi skimmed milk and Cadbury’s

Luxury Hot Chocolate £5.95
A mug of steaming chocolate made with semi skimmed milk, cream and dark 65% couveture chocolate

Milkshakes £5.95
Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate

Smoothies £5.95
Mango and Ginger Banana and Cinnamon, Forest Berries, Melon and Strawberry



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