Lounge Menu

Lounge Menu

Light Bites & Snacks


Available from 11.00am to 9.30pm


Chef’s Soup of the Day, Home Made Crusty Bread - £5.00


 Crayfish Cocktail and Toasted Fennel Bread - £7.50


 Smoked Salmon Plate, Traditional Garnish - £9.50


 Fried Duck Egg, Toasted Brioche, Girolles, Sorrel  

Starter - £6.50   Main - £9.50


 Omelette Arnold Bennett

Starter - £6.50   Main - £9.50


 Crathorne Hall Fish Pie - £13.95


Locally Reared Pork Sausages, Mash, Red Wine Shallot Gravy - £10.50


 Traditional Fish and Chips - £15.95



Yorkshire Beef


Served from 11.00am until 9.30pm


All our beef is from Yorkshire Farms

and has been aged for 24 days.


Rump Steak                                          £20.50

Sirloin Steak                                         £24.50


Served with your choice of

Cracked Pepper Butter, Béarnaise Sauce or Tarragon Mustard

Thick Cut Chips & Fine Beans.


Holme Farmed Venison Burger, Coleslaw, Thick Cut Chips, Sesame Bun - £13.50



Hot Sandwiches


BLT in Toasted Bloomer - £7.50


Croque Monsieur with  

Traditional Ham                                  £8.50


 Smoked Salmon                                  £9.50


Minute Steak Ciabatta, Roasted Onions,Grain Mustard - £11.50



Cold Sandwiches


Served on White or Brown Bloomer Bread, Garnished with Homemade Vegetable Crisps and Garden Leaves, Home -Made Coleslaw - £7.50

  •  Tuna and Spring Onion Mayonnaise
  • Yorkshire Gammon & Coleman’s Mustard
  • Smoked Salmon, Cucumber, Cream Cheese
  • Mediterranean Vegetable and Pesto
  • Cheddar Cheese, Branston Pickle




Crathorne Hall Welsh Rarebit - £7.50


Ginger Parkin, Nutmeg Custard - £7.50


 Yorkshire Curd Tart, Clotted Cream Ice Cream - £7.50


Praline Crème Brûlée - £7.50


Selection of Ice Creams & Sorbets - £4.50


 Selection of Yorkshire Cheese - £10.50



Afternoon Teas

 Available from 3.00pm until 5.30pm


Yorkshire Cream Tea - £7.50

 Fruit Scones, Strawberry Jam, Clotted Cream.

Your choice of Teas (including loose leaf) or Freshly Ground Coffee.


Crathorne Afternoon Tea - £13.00

 Selection of Finger Sandwiches, Fruit Scone, Preserves and Clotted Cream,

Cakes and Tea Fancies with your choice of Teas (including loose leaf) or Freshly Ground Coffee.


Deluxe Afternoon Tea  - £19.50

 A Glass of House Champagne, Selection of Finger Sandwiches,

Preserves and Clotted Cream, Cake and Tea Fancies

 with your choice of Teas (including loose leaf) and Freshly Ground Coffee.



We do not knowingly use GM Foods
Some Items May Contain Nuts





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