The Nest Boxes at Crathorne Hall Hotel


Crathorne Hall Hotel would be pleased to show you their beautiful grounds, to help our guests learn more about how we work with the local community and surrounding wildlife.


 News from the Nest Boxes

The bird ringers have made their first winter visit to the grounds and netted 80 new birds:

  • 6 Marsh Tit
  • 10 Great Tit
  • 25 Blue Tit
  • 7 Coal Tit
  • 4 Long-Tailed Tit
  • 12 Blackbird
  • 3 Goldcrest
  • 1 Wren
  • 4 Chaffinch
  • 2 Dunnock
  • 3 Bullfinch
  • 1 Robin
  • 1 Nuthatch
  • 1 Tawny Owl

Kenny, our Green Champion, reckons the Tawny Owl was the best bird ringed and so here's a photo of it


Chris the gardener managed to capture some footage on his phone of 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers and 8 (yes 8!) Long-Tailed Tits on the bird feeders at the same time


National Nest Box Week

NNBW is organised each year by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), Britain’s leading bird research charity, whose work primarily involves studying the populations of our common and garden birds.  NNBW takes place each year from 14-21 February, and after 10 years it is now an established part of the ornithological calendar.

Here at Crathorne Hall, not only do we care for our guests, but we lavish just as much attention to caring for the wild birds in the surrounding woodlands.  We work alongside local ornithological groups who have provided many nest boxes to encourage breeding and we have a wide range of successes from Spotted Flycatchers to Tawny Owls.  We now have more nest boxes than hotel bedrooms!

To support NNBW, Kenny, our Green Champion, encouraged team members to get involved with constructing new boxes for our grounds and gardens.  He event brought his niece Lotty in to help ; a great example of our "Family" Value at Hand Picked!



Such is the diversity of birds, the Tees Ringing Group use the hotel grounds to carry out detailed bird studies.  very fine "mist" nets are erected allowing the birds to be caught.  The birds are identified, weighed, measured and age-determined then ringed with a personal ID to study their movements.

In December 2011, 48 birds were ringed including the following individual species:

4 Wren, 4 Goldcrest, 4 Robin, 9 Blackbird, 1 Long-Tailed Tit, 1 Marsh Tit, 5 Coal Tit, 7 Blue Tit, 8 Great Tit, 3 Chaffinch, 3 Bullfinch, 1 Sparrowhawk


Here is the Marsh Tit, photographed by Kenny Wharton






We have bird boxes, feeders, bees and apple trees located in our gardens, our 'Walking tour guide' Kenny Wharton explained how Hand Picked Hotels is keen to do more than just run hotels and want to use the grounds to give back something to the community.

Two of our guests, Mr and Mrs Barbery loved the tour and even gave some suggestions to help us develop our walking tours, as well as build upon our Corportate Social Responsibility.

Here are some of their comments and observations:

  • Get in touch with the Guides Association as they would love to use the grounds (Mrs Barbery was an ex-guide leader). The grounds and walking tour are ideally suited to activities of the Brownies.
  • They will bring binoculars next time, to see the birds, but would like a bench in the hide, to sit quietly and view.
  • Mr and Mrs Barbery believe we should add more feeding stations and benches generally, to allow guests to sit in the woods and discover more of the nature and wildlife.
  • Mr and Mrs Barbery love coming to Crathorne as it just feels like home from home and never want to leave.

Watch this space as we work on actioning some or all of the above as soon as we can!




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