Chilston Park Hotel weddings in Kent - Frequently asked questions

To assist you with arranging your wedding at Chilston Park Hotel, we have put together the most frequently asked questions.

Can we have tea lights?
Yes as long as the tea lights are in votive holders that are taller than the flame.

Can we have candles?
Yes. Candles can be used as long as precautions are taken. Tapered candles must be in candelabras, where flowers are also attached they need to be sprayed with a fire retardant lacquer. Pillar candles must be in containers that are taller than the flame and when placed at floor level must be fully enclosed and not put on carpeted areas.

Can we have Sky Lanterns?
Due to legislative health and safety regulations and insurance reasons, sky lanterns are not permitted for use on our grounds.

Can we have fireworks?
Due to health and safety regulations and insurance reasons, fireworks are permitted however only by the hotels recommended company.

What is the maximum capacity in the rooms?
All of our room capacities are detailed in the brochure. These capacities have been set to ensure the safety of guests.

Can the Hotel set up cakes?
The Hotel cannot set up cakes as they cannot be liable should anything happen to it.

When can we drop off items?
48 hours prior to the wedding if possible, the hotel will try to store items for you. If you have valuable items please inform one of the hotel team, so that arrangements can be made.

Who will set up the tables on the wedding day?
As part of our commitment to you our team will work with you and your suppliers to dress the rooms. Please ensure that you make specific arrangements with your wedding coordinator.

How do the bedroom sales on ‘exclusive use’ packages work?
All of the hotel bedrooms are included on exclusive use packages. The hotel will sell rooms on your behalf or you can collect monies from your guests directly. Your wedding coordinator will happily discuss these options with you.

Who plays the music during the ceremony?
A member of the operations team will do this for you unless you would prefer to have one of your party do it.

Which wine is included in the package?
Our recommended house wine is included in our packages.

When does the hotel require our rooming list by?
4 weeks prior to the wedding date.

How far in advance do you need a table plan?
1 week prior to the wedding date. We also would ask you to provide us with a copy that has special dietary requirements detailed on it.

What decorations do the hotel supply?
Our rooms are all upholstered and decorated to a high standard. The Orangery has two pedestals with flowers of a neutral colour. Unfortunately these cannot be moved.

When will we finalise all of our details?
Your wedding coordinator will arrange an appointment 6 weeks prior to your wedding. Once we have agreed all of the details the information will be issued to our operations team.

Why do we have to have a trial meal?
With a large menu selection we want you to be able to choose the meal that is perfect for you. We host the wedding trial meal so that you have the opportunity to sample two starters, main courses and desserts. You can bring additional guests for a small charge and your wedding coordinator will be able to help you plan this.

What do we do with the gifts and cards from our guests?
We recommend that you entrust your gifts and cards with a member of the bridal party. The hotel cannot accept any responsibility for items left. Reception may be able to store some smaller items in the hotel safe.

Can Suppliers leave things at the hotel to be collected after the wedding?
Yes but we ask that they be collected the next day as the hotel can take no responsibility for their items.

What time can wedding guests check in?
Our check in is from 3pm, rooms can be reserved for early arrival (subject to availability) please contact reception or your wedding coordinator for prices.

What time is check out for wedding guests?
We ask all of our guests to vacate their rooms by 11am.

Can we have outside catering?
Outside catering is not normally permitted, however if there is specialist food that you require please talk to your wedding coordinator.

Is their a corkage charge if we bring our own wine?
Unfortunatley Chilston Park does not allow Corkage at the property.

Does the hotel have cake stands?
We have two cake stands, they are both silver plated, one is round and the other square. They measure 16”.

Can we book bedrooms the night prior to the wedding?
We will take bookings 8 weeks prior to the wedding for the night prior however this is subject to availability.

If guests arrive early will they be able to check in?
Our rooms are available from 3pm. If you are aware of guests that are travelling long distances we may be able to allocate some rooms as a priority clean however this cannot be guaranteed.

What time is the ceremony?
Our ceremony times are 1pm or 4pm. These are offered on a first come first served basis. If an exclusive use package is booked then you may choose the time of your ceremony.

What time does the music finish and bar close?
We close our bars to non residents at midnight and music may only be booked to this time. Where an exclusive use package is booked then you may choose to have the bar stay open until 1am. We offer alcoholic beverages to our residents 24hrs (Subject to behaviour).

Do Children count in my overall number of day guests?
Yes children are classed as a guest so need a space during the ceremony and at the table for the wedding breakfast. A children’s room can be booked as long as suitable child care is arranged.

How do we book the Registrar?
Once a date has been chosen with the hotel there are a few forms for you to complete. We will then arrange the ceremony with the registrars who will in turn contact you to confirm.

Do we need to take out wedding insurance?
It is strongly recommended that you take out suitable wedding insurance cover for your wedding day.

What table decoration will hotel do?
The operations team will decorate your tables for you as long as clear instructions are left with pictures of how you would like it to look if possible.

What is the ‘final details’ meeting and what do we need to bring?
The final details meeting is to tie any loose ends and to look at how your day will run. Your wedding co-ordinator and a member of the operations team will attend business levels permitting.

What time is access to the wedding breakfast room?
After 11am on the day of wedding for suppliers and decorating.

How is our wine allocation used?
The operations team will take wine round on regular intervals with a minimum of 5 times depending on availability of allocation.

What if I do not know which wine my guests prefer?
The service team will serve wine included in your allocation to your guest’s preference. This will save you having to order specific amounts.

Is it possible for us to get married in the grounds of Chilston Park?
Yes. It is possible for the gardens outside of the Orangery to be used for a ceremony, however to be covered under our marriage licence.

How big is the dance floor?
10’x12’. When laid in the Orangery it is possible to have some seating around the outside as well as a disco or band.

Can we have confetti inside or outside the hotel?
We allow biodegradable confetti to be used outside only.

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