Outdoor Activites & Team Building

Outdoor Activites & Team Building

Chilston Park is the perfect setting for a conference or meeting in the heart of Kent. We can even offers brilliant grounds and spaces in doors and outdoors for activites or team building tasks. At Chilston Park hotel we recommend the Ian Wright Orgainisation who can offer a selection of different activites or team building tasks at the hotel or in the surrounding park land.

The Ian Wright Organisation (Est. 1991) is passionate about creating the perfect event experience for you or your clients. We are an event management company with an imaginative, reliable and realistic team of event managers supported by expert instructors who will ensure you get the most out of your day. This ethic has made us one of the UK’s leading specialists in the provision of entertainment and development programmes and breathtaking activity days for the corporate market and private parties.

Please find below some examples of activites we can offer:

The Activities – Motorised 

Quad Bike Obstacle

Learn how to negotiate your way round the Obstacle course. The obstacle course is created to practice technical, low speed riding and skills. Participants do not need any prior experience or need to be physically fit. Full instruction is provided. We provide fully automatic quad bikes. The area in which the obstacle course is conducted is suitable for spectators and thus full team participation is ensured, as some team members help their colleagues to get through challenging obstacles. It is exciting, testing and guaranteed to get the adrenalin flowing.

Reverse Steer or Blindfold Driving 

Reverse Steer. Total confusion reigns as you drive a car that turns left when you want it to turn right. Driven around an obstacle course against the clock and with penalty points for hitting any cones on the way always ends up with hilarious results. 

Blindfold Driving Challenge. This is a great team event. Everyone gets the chance to drive - whilst blindfolded - with the rest of the team shouting instructions from the back on how to negotiate the vehicle around a twisting, turning track. Just to make it harder you’ll be running against the clock and will get penalty points for hitting any cones on the way!


These two wheeled machines will amaze you and prove a real hit with everyone who tries them. They are totally unique and hugely versatile yet very easy to operate. It only takes a matter of minutes to get used to them at which point you will be tasked with steering your Segway around a slalom course and back to the start in the quickest time possible.



These incredible machines have no steering wheels and have to be controlled by careful manipulation of the twin engine throttles. Powerturns have two engines which both independently power each rear wheel. They are controlled by two levers and can spin on their own axis. Quick acceleration will produce wheelies, giving you so much fun you will be smiling for weeks.

The Activities – Country Pursuits

Clay Pigeon

There is nothing quite like the thrill of downing a clay pigeon as it soars across the sky. At our events we offer top class tuition, so, once you have got your eye in, you’ll be hitting your targets like there’s no tomorrow and can promise that you are unlikely to leave us without feeling confident about your achievement.


Traditional Longbows

Instead of shooting at a target straight in front of you, you will be aiming at an array of polystyrene animals. Take yourself back to medieval days when tonight’s dinner depends on how you perform out in the field. Try out a variety of traditional bows, with our very own Robin Hood showing how it should be done. You’ll be amazed how quickly you improve and how far you can fire an arrow!



This ancient, noble sport is both thrilling and fascinating. The guests will enjoy a static display of many different hawks, owls and falcons, as well as experiencing the thrill of flying trained hawks from their own fist. This is one of the activities where three teams will come together and will be more demonstration based than full hands on participation.

Gun Dog Handling

Structured team building days where members of each group handle a 'part-trained' gundog. Our instructor then runs the session as a gundog training class demonstrating basic handling skills and outlining how to communicate with the dogs. This builds confidence and is an excellent team building activity.


The ancient sport of target archery developed in the 14th Century under King Edward III when he commanded that "all able-bodied men from the age of 16 to 65 shall practice at the butts each Sunday" and that "those strong in body shall learn the art of shooting". The basics of archery have not changed much. However, the use of modern materials now helps you develop the skill (with some excellent coaching from us).

Geese Herding

This activity is all about learning how to communicate with the Border Collies and getting them to herd geese through a course. The dogs are trained to respond to a variety of different commands and whistles and you will be amazed at how quickly you learn to control the dogs and experience a traditional part of working farm life and a taste of the countryside.


Competition Rifle Shooting

Many of today’s best shooters started their shooting careers with air rifles. Indeed air rifle shooting has a strong and competitive following, all the way to Olympic level. The rifles we use are extremely accurate over short distances and qualified shooting instructors will supervise as you shoot from safety cages at magnetic knockdown targets.


The Activities – Team Building


A team of relief workers are transporting a container of life saving serum—the final obstacle to overcome is a minefield. You can see safe islands in the minefield but how will you transport the team and the serum safely between the islands? This activity requires real team work to be able to succeed.

Spiders Web

The team must negotiate their way into the spiders nest and through its web. Each hole in the web can only be used once as the spider might be alerted, making the task more difficult as the easy holes are used. Once inside the nest the team must solve the cryptic challenge before making their way back out through the web. Excellent for breaking down barriers and illustrating the benefit of working as a team.


Egg Ballista

How far can you launch an egg? The team has to construct a launcher capable of firing an egg as far as possible. There is a variety of equipment to choose from with endless solutions to the problem. The hilarious result is finding out if your launcher will fire the eggs straight up, backwards or whether they’ll just explode in mid air!



The team must split 8 units of highly volatile liquid into stable units. The difficulty is they only have 3 odd sized containers, and cut backs mean that there is only one protective glove each! A test of logical problem solving.


Holey Tube

The team are tasked with the almost impossible task of retrieving the canister from the bottom of the tube, but the twist is that they mustn’t touch the tube or the canister – and as the name of the game suggests – the tube also has holes in so they can’t just fill it with water! Will they retrieve it successfully and earn their reward?

Contact : Tel 01732 529511 or Website : www.thewrightevent.co.uk/corporate-events




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