St Peter & St James Hospice


St Peter and St James Hospice & Continuing Care Centre - the 2011 nominated charity for Buxted Park Hotel

Working with charities is extremely important to the team at Buxted Park Hotel. Indeed, we receive many requests for support throughout the year from charities and schools with each one being so deserving. As we cannot assist with all the requests, this year we decided to select one charity with whom we could work more closely, to enable our nominated charity to benefit in a much more substantial way.

We wanted to support a local charity as we felt it was important to try to give back to the community around us. We utilised the local e-community network in Buxted to source interest from local charities and we are very happy to announce that our nominated charity for 2011 is St Peter and St James Hospice & Continuing Care Centre.

We have assisted with St Peter and St James Hospice this year in a number of ways. Firstly we have provided a venue to host two fundraising events and supported further with vouchers for prizes as well as reduced food and beverage prices. In addition one of our food and beverage team members, Joe Burkett, decided to take things one step further following a staff presentation from the charity; he decided to ‘get waxed’ to raise some additional funds. Joe was very brave indeed and showed how committed the team here are to helping support the hospice. The rest of the team enjoyed watching him earn their donations and Joe, so far, has raised £260 and still counting.

Article from St Peter and St James Hospice

"One of the events held here at Buxted Park was entitled ‘Memories of my Grandfather’. This was a talk by Nicholas Soames MP on his famous grandfather, Sir Winston Churchill. On Thursday 24th March the Buxted Support Group (for St Peter and St James Hospice) organised this event at the Buxted Park Hotel, who have chosen St Peter and St James Hospice as their charity to support for 2011. Nicholas opened the talk by saying that his last visit to the hotel was more than fifty years ago when it was the home of Basil and Nellie Ionidies.
We also heard about Sir Winston’s great love for his wife Clemmie through quotations from the moving and loving letters he wrote to her during his time in the trenches during the First World War. Nicholas told us of his grandfather’s political and other, not inconsiderable achievements in his life. At Chartwell he turned his hand to being a gardener, a garden designer, brick layer and part-time painter. Nicholas remembered him at Chartwell as an affectionate grandfather whom he greatly admired and, of whom, was very proud. Best of all we raised around £1,500 for St Peter and St James Hospice and everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and our thanks go to Nicholas Soames MP for taking the time to help us achieve this excellent result."



















If you would like any information on our nominated charity or work that Buxted Park is doing in this area, please just ask at Reception for information. 




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