Four Course A la Carte Menu

Four Course A la Carte Menu

Fine Dining in Kent


A La Carte Menu



Carpaccio of wood pigeon, balsamic glazed beets,

pomegranate dressing


Rolled goose liver, picked wild mushroom, quince jelly, toasted brioche



Poached Quail egg, with pea puree, and Feta cheese and potato crisp


Seared scallops, Chorizo sausage, caper berries


Spring onion risotto, chilled avocado puree, parsnip crisps


Sorbet Course

Main Courses

Slow roasted Pave of beef,

Pickled vegetable rolls, buttered spinach, truffle creamed potatoes


Roasted Gressingham duck breast, Ratatouille of vegetables,

salsify, Delmonico potatoes


Assiette of pork, Confit belly, ham hock,

cheek croquette, white onion purée, red wine jus


Steamed fillet of turbot, saffron cocotte potoatoes samphire,

white wine cream reduction


Braised Endive, brioche crusted, apple and pear garnish



Raspberry soufflé, white chocolate sauce


Baked Alaska


Frozen milk chocolate parfait, chocolate sorbet


Poached summer berries, glazed Calvados sabayon


Why not have a dessert wine to accompany your dessert, or Port with a Cheese Course

Tea & coffee with Petit Fours £3.50


We recommend:

Château Levant Sauternes, Bordeaux, France

Warres Warrior Port, Douro, Portugal


 Cheese Menu

(£10.50 per person as an extra course)

Sussex Camembert - A traditionally made camembert style, soft and creamy with a beautiful mildness. Made from pasteurised milk

Ashmore Goats Cheese - A handmade Kentish farmhouse hard goats cheese. This cheese is moulded and pressed in muslin for three days, then wrapped and allowed  to mature on pine shelves for at least three months. Each cheese is continually turned and tendered during this time

Ashmore - A Kentish farmhouse cheddar-like hard cheese made from unpasteurised cows milk sourced from both Holstein and Friesian cows and made by hand using a small holders recipe perfected over the past 25 years

Isle of Wight Blue - A naturally rinded soft blue cheese, made by hand with pasteurized Guernsey cows milk from the herd grazing around the Queen Bower Dairy capturing the flavour of the Arreton Valley. Winner of the best English Cheese Awards 2007


Our Head Chef is Carl Smith

All menus shown are samples of the fine and fresh cuisine provided in Hand Picked Hotel restaurants.  Dishes available may change at short notice as produce is sourced locally, where possible.




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