The Hand Picked Wine Story

The Hand Picked Wine Story

Hand Picked Wine

Julia Hands has been instrumental in bringing a very personal touch to our wine list.

Julia is a lay judge for the International Wine and Spirits competition and has a diploma from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. Using her knowledge and enthusiasm she has instigated a programme of seeking out young wines from some of the finest producers and laying them down to mature. A collection of Sauternes purchased from the superb 2001 vintage and the highly rated 1997 vintage of Brunello di Montalcino are now available as is a selection of highly prized Bordeaux from the stellar 2000 vintage.

The year 2000 was an iconic year for the region of Bordeaux, with the new Millennium heralding a magnificent vintage. Hand Picked made a significant investment to purchase a large range of wines from the region. Of these an initial selection of twelve wines has been made and these are currently available on our wine lists. Guests interested in a particular wine not yet listed in this selection can, with sufficient notice, request one to be released from the cellars.

Bibendum Wine Ltd

Since its inception in 1982 in a converted petrol station, Bibendum has garnered a devoted and enthusiastic customer base.

Growing dramatically since then, it has become one of the UK’s most dynamic wine suppliers continuing to please its customers and followers with its policy of offering the right wine, in the right place, at the right price at the right time. The partnership with Hand Picked typifies a sound approach to working with other like minded companies to offer excellent service and bringing to the fore classic contemporary producers that deliver indulgence in a glass.

When Two Heads are Better than One

It’s rare to find two partners in such mutual accord, which is what makes the partnership between Hand Picked Hotels and Bibendum so special.

We have worked hand in hand with Bibendum to ensure that the wine experience at our hotels is part and parcel of an enjoyable and memorable stay, whether you’re sipping champagne on a sunlit terrace, enjoying a crisp white with dinner or savouring a rich red by the fire. This partnership extends beyond merely supplying a magnificent wine list. It goes much further than this.

With Bibendum we have developed a programme of producer events and wine promotions at which wine makers and other experts in the trade share their love of and expertise in wine. Guests can get to know some of the finest wine regions of the world, whilst enjoying the splendour of our unique properties.

Browse our online wine collection
Red & Rose wine

A selection of red wine from around the world with a collection of Millenium Bordeaux as its centrepiece.

White wine

We offer an incredible selection of wonderfully refreshing white wines from both the New and Old World wine regions.


The first Champagne circa 1740 was created by blending as many as 40 different wines together to create the wine we know today.

Dessert wines

Here you will find the perfect accompaniment to any dessert including some wonderfully sweet Sauternes.



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