Loyalty Club Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Q and As during activation of new loyalty software:

Q: I do not see any points expiry on my statement and it says ‘Until further notice, there will be no points expiry'. Why is this?

 A: We will shortly be updating our loyalty software and while we are preparing the new system, we will not be expiring points.


Q: Will I lose my expired points for the interim period once the new loyalty software is activated?

 A: We will not expire points during the interim period and your points balance will be transferred when the new system is in place.


Q: When will the new loyalty system be ready?

 A: This will take a few months, once we have an idea of the timings we will let members know.





Q How long are The Club points valid?

A The Club points are valid for two years from the date that they are earned after which, they will expire

Q Will points expire for both Gold Card Members and Standard Members?

A Yes.

Q How will the points to expire be calculated?

A Points to expire will be calculated from your points balance two years ago less points spent in the past two years. Any residual points resulting from this calculation will be the points to expire. In other words, this calculation shows that you have spent more or less points than your balance two years ago. In the case where you have spent more points, there are no points to expire.

Q When will the expired points be deducted from my account?

A Hand Picked Hotels will deduct points from your account once per month the day prior to sending your monthly email statement.

Q When is the monthly email statement sent?

A The monthly email statement is delivered on the first Tuesday of every month.

Q When are paper statements sent?

A Paper statements are sent less frequently than email. Hand Picked Hotels will only distribute a paper statement once every six months to customers with hotel transactions during that period and who do not have a valid email address associated to their Club account. For more regular updates on points, news and offers we recommend subscribing an email address to your Club account.  To add your email address to your account, please contact the Club Membership Services on 0845 458 0903, or email theclub@handpicked.co.uk

Q When will the first expiry of points take place?

A The expiration of Club points will take place for the first time on 6th February with email and paper statements being processed on the 7th February.

Q How will the transaction appear on my statement?

A We will add a new transaction to your account called “ADJUSTMENT: Expired points” with the amount of points to be deducted from your balance.

Q If I have queries regarding the points balance shown on my statement what should I do?

A If you think there may be a mistake with your points balance you should contact the Club Membership Services on 0845 458 0903. They will issue you a full statement of your account. Our terms and conditions allow you to claim points for stays retrospectively for up to 6 months.

Points are added to your account following a stay, based on your total spend, when your Loyalty Card is “swiped” on check-out. If your Loyalty Card is not swiped, then you risk  points not being added to your account.

Q I was not told that my points would expire what should I do?

A The new terms and conditions came into effect in July 2010. These terms and conditions have been published on our website since April 2010, with subsequent reminders in our regular member communications. All our Club members were informed by email or post in April 2010.

Q Why has Hand Picked Hotels decided to make these changes to the Club points system?

A We would like to encourage members of The Club to use their Club points. There are many attractive vouchers available to redeem from as little as 25 points. For example, after one stay a guest who spends £200 could enjoy a complimentary traditional afternoon tea. By creating an expiry date we hope to increase the number of points our members redeem.

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